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  • March 22, 2018

8 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Location For A Photoshoot


Every once in a while, we all get nostalgic as we relive the panoply of memories documented in our pictures. The sunsets, the spectacular falls, the green gardens, the calm lake in the background arouse new emotions long forgotten. That is because locations are vital to photoshoots.

Not only do they fill half the composition of the picture, but tell a story, reflect your personality, style and taste.

It is therefore imperative to critically consider the setting of your shoot because in most cases, it influences the outfits, props, poses and even the makeup you wear.

Is it a pre-wedding, post wedding, baby bump, family outing, or birthday, sometimes choosing the right location can be a daunting task. Here are some factors to consider that will help you pick a perfect location for your next shoot.

Photography theme

This is the all-encompassing subject of the shoot. It is the setting and ambience you want to achieve. Are you young and hippie? You might choose an urban themed shoot staged in an urban setting like streets or buildings. Are you a calm quiet soul? Then you might want to enjoy the tranquility of nature.

The theme you pick will determine the location of the shoot. Before you worry about your wardrobe, first figure out what story you want to tell and the rest will automatically fall into place.


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Your distinctive character will greatly influence the location of your shoot. Consider a setting that will prompt you to loosen up, be yourself, and feel comfortable. This will not only achieve great results but will also make it easy for the photographer working with you.

Time and Proximity

Time is an important factor to consider when choosing a location. Some exotic locations are out of town and that means spending a couple of days on the road. This is achievable for pre-weddings and post wedding shoots that have more time and are looking for something out of the ordinary. Wedding shoots have less time and therefore require a close place. Booking a venue with gardens like hotels in this case would be an added advantage to save time. Baby bump shoots on the other hand may want to consider close locations like studios or places within town. This is to curb complications that might occur as a result of their current situation.


Not all locations are the same. While some are dramatic and surreal, others are flat and generic. Green environments are considered beautiful and timeless. However, overtime, they have become cliché as opposed to other locations like mountains, caves, rivers, forests, falls, streets, buildings to mention but a few. Choose a location that suits your beauty and artistic taste.


Variety is the spice of photography. Some locations have it all; water, rocks, forest, buildings. Open spaces like Lake Bunyonyi, Serena Kigo provides the photographer with a lot of elements to work with. They also make the shoot fun and adventurous for the couple. What’s more, with such locations, it is easy to have a full day shoot, adding the twilight and night shots to your store of memories.


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All good things come at a price so they say. And that includes beautiful locations. Not that they will cost you an arm and a leg but being aware will help you plan well. Does the location you want fit into your budget? How much are you willing to invest in your photoshoot? Different locations charge different prices while some are totally free. Other costs may include; transportation, feeding and accommodations for locations out of town. Spending a few bucks on a memorable photoshoot is a good investment you won’t regret.


Locations like airstrips, national parks, landing sites, embassies, particular streets, beaches, hotels may require you to seek permission before staging a shoot. While some locations like Speke Resort Munyonyo are open to the public, be in the know of activities or functions happening that may hinder the shoot. For locations like streets, falls, seek permission from the police or KCCA to avoid any inconveniences and frustration.


Your safety is of greater importance. Particular places especially in the urban centers may not be safe  during the night for a couple considering night photography. It is therefore crucial to get security details prior or completely avoid them.

There you have it. Before you spend your day driving around and burning gas, we hope these factors when put into consideration will help you save time and have a hassle-free shoot in case you’ve been contemplating having one.