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  • July 27, 2018

5 Ideas To Inspire Your Engagement Shoot


You didn’t see it coming. He garnered all the tricks up his sleeve to surprise you. He popped the question, you said yes and he put a ring on it. Now it’s time to seal that bond with an engagement shoot. This is the starting point to build good and lovable memories for your marriage and keep your relationship healthy and strong.

Let’s jump in and share with you some great ideas to make your engagement fun and memorable.

Choose a stunning location

Location is key. It serves as a backdrop for your images. The better the location, with a great photographer, the awesome the pictures. Location ideas can range from heritage sites, the wild, beach, caves, streets and many others. Choose an exotic location that showcases your style, and allows you to be comfortable and loosen up for the shoot.

Pick a hobby you both enjoy

The best pre-weddings are those that come out looking natural and the best way to achieve this is through hobbies. Are you foodies or sporty people? Doing something you both love is magical. It not only achieves authentic poses, but also bonds the couple.

Throw in some props.

Wine bottles, balloons, bubbles, fairy lights, frames, captions, frames, captions, slates…the list is endless. Props not only personalize your photos but add an oomph to the shoot. They however should be used with the location in mind. Different props work well in different locations. They won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get.

Get stylish with your outfits

Should it be one outfit, two outfits, formal or casual? In the end, you want to look stunning but you also want to be comfortable. You can choose outfits depending on the theme of the shoot. Are you out on a picnic? Don your short dress and some flip-flops. Is the location chilled out like a river or caves? Then denims and your favorite Allstars work perfectly. Some couples prefer custom made outfits and they are a perfect consideration. There’s no rule. Wear what suits your style and reflects your personality as a couple.

Time of day

Dawn and twilight sound romantic and definitely are the best time of the day for a couple looking for a lovey dovey theme.

In case you’ve been looking for some inspiration, we hope these ideas stir your creativity.