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  • August 9, 2018

5 Qualities Of A Good Wedding Video


If given a choice between photo, text and video, chances are high you’ll choose video. Videos continue to be the best medium of communication. They are interactive, entertaining and appeal to our visual and auditory senses.

That is why having a wedding video is important for every couple. Not only is it a great keepsake, a video relays your wedding story in a unique and interesting way, fun to watch. But what exactly makes a good video?

Short and sweet

Gone are the days when you had to sit through a 2-hour video. It is no longer about the length but the quality that matters. A good video captures the most important moments in a compelling and entertaining way. Length can vary depending on the purpose of the video.

A wedding trailer of 3-5 minutes captures the highlights of the wedding day and can be broadcasted during the reception or shared on social media. A documentary video between 30-50 minutes showcases more elaborately the day’s moments in detail.

Good storytelling

We all love a good story. Why? A good story affects our emotions on another whole level. This applies for a good video too. It follows a plot with a powerful narrative that evokes ecstasy. It highlights the overarching mood, atmosphere and vibe of the day. Once pieced together, the story should be so powerful to make you relive those moments on your golden jubilee.

Candid moments

Such authentic, not posed moments are common in wedding photography. However, when incorporated into a wedding video, candid moments liven up the story to create a fun interesting montage. Such moments include people laughing, kids playing, bride or groom crying, people dancing and many others.


Oftentimes, the most important things you want to remember from your wedding day are those small intricate details like the embellishment on your gown, the creamy cake, the pearls that adorned your neck, the colour of lipstick you wore, the décor that graced your reception. A great video captures such details for remembrance sake.

Major activities of the day

The most important moments of a wedding day maybe relative to different couples. However, the general aspects that make a wedding such as the ceremony, which includes the grand entrance, the vows and exchange of rings needs to be reflected in a great wedding video.

Other activities that are of great importance include, cake cutting, the first dance, speeches, games and others that a couple may deem important to them.

If you are considering having a wedding video, it should encompass the above qualities for it to be exceptional and outstanding.