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  • August 1, 2018

6 Video Ideas To Consider For Your Wedding



Photos are legit cute and important but we could all agree that video is king. It captures the essence of your memories meticulously in a compelling way easy to enjoy and remember.

Although for the longest time, the traditional video has been regarded as the most important, your wedding season consists of a plethora of activities that could be best documented in a video. These can be used to serve different purposes for which they have been made

Here are video ideas you may want to consider to make your wedding unique and fun;

Love Story

How did you meet? Who made the first move? What was your first date like? This video gives a glimpse into your love journey and let’s your guests know more about you as a couple. It can be broadcasted during the reception but it is a great keepsake to watch on your anniversary and also share with your children.

Memory Lane

While the love story is about the couple telling their story, a memory lane tells the couple’s love story through their family and friends. We all have those friends who seem to know us better than we know ourselves. So get ready for a lot of surprises and blush moments because trust me they are going to bring up some of those embarrassing things you did when you were 16.

Wedding Trailer/ Same day edit

Oftentimes, it is very hard to share a long video with your guests. The way to go about it is having a short version about 3-5 minutes that precisely highlights moments from the wedding day prior to the reception. This can be shared on social media with your friends and followers who certainly wouldn’t be there for the wedding.

Wedding Documentary

This is more like the traditional wedding video with a touch of creativity. It is longer and captures the details of your wedding day. Alternatively, it can be a mishmash of the different activities during your wedding season from the engagement session, the traditional ceremony and wedding day.

Save The Date

As opposed to sending the usual invitation cards, have a video sent to your guests instead. This can be creatively pieced together with an underlying theme and style. Your guests will definitely love it.


Y’all have come across those viral proposal videos. They are always fun, emotional and very creative. The groom can plan a surprise proposal video for his bride-to-be. This can also be shown during the reception and kept to watch when celebrating your anniversary.