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  • March 22, 2018

7 Wedding Trends For 2018

Over the past decade, there has been a shift in trends. Weddings are taking on a modern and fresh approach that is agile and bears an edgy style.

We have for example seen the move from balloons to flowers, blocked colours to airy and clean pallets. With all the inspiration to dig from, couples are finding interesting ways to create the perfect vibe for their big day.

Here are the latest trends of the year that will give you some real wedding inspiration.

Unique Outdoor spaces

I once heard a preacher say, “Church is not a building, church is the people.” Couples are living this truth out. Many are opting for unique and interesting spaces for their wedding celebrations. From lakefront locations, patios to gardens, an outdoor wedding is ideal for a couple looking for simple, sophisticated and elegance. What’s even more interesting is that you can hire the venue for church, photoshoot and reception at once.

Rustic Wedding Décor

 Looking for décor ideas? Consider rustic wedding décor. It has been trending from last year and it is only going to get better this year with décor companies staying up late looking for new design ideas. Not only will it give your wedding a nice, warm and natural feel, rustic accents will add texture and a unique style to your party.

Creative photo booths

Photo booths are new but are catching up like wild fire. Gone are the days when guest would sit all day long waiting for the grand entry of the couple at the reception grounds. To kill the monotony, set up a creative photo booth to give your guests a unique and fun experience. With good lighting, a dramatic backdrop and interesting props, your wedding day will forever be ingrained in your guests’ memories.

Cocktail bars

Not yet a fad but a wedding cocktail bar is one aspect we hope couples pick up this year. Just like a photo booth, a cocktail bar creates an interactive environment for your guests. The ideal time for a cocktail bar is during the garden photo session.

A comfortable and stylish setting, mood music, a little bit of scrumptious bites and games will keep your guests occupied and in high spirits. You can now loosen up and take your pictures in peace because your guests will be merrily sipping away on their Martinis.

Pre-wedding Photography


Pre-wedding commonly known as an Engagement Sessions is trending. Engaged couples choose a spectacular location and creative concept or theme to have professional photos taken before the wedding.

Just in case you don’t think it’s important to have one, a pre-wedding is a tremendous way of unwinding from nervousness and emotional stress from preparations. It is also a great way of creating and documenting lasting memories.

Light and airy colour palettes

Remember your aunt’s wedding in 1998 that was covered in purple and yellow? Well, in the modern wedding fashion world, creams, shades of beiges, pantone airy blues, blush pink and antique gold have over time muted the bright and bold colours. These neutral colors are magical, calm and dreamy, adding a touch of sophistication and austere grandeur to your romantic wedding.

Wedding Games

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To some people, wedding games might sound new to their ears but more and more couples are picking interest in playing games especially during their reception. Games not only celebrate the couple but they are one way to keep the guests laughing and entertained. The ‘Wedding Shoe Game’ for example has a whimsical humor bound to make your guests extremely ecstatic.
So, are you getting married this year and are wondering where to start from? We hope the above ideas give you a kick-start as you venture on your new journey.