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ISO 142 - lens48mm - AP2.2 AWB

Brian & Patience

  • engagement
  • 2 years ago

Dust off the history and let love reinvent the future. Though now a contemporary and busy seaport, the Old Port of Mombasa has a rich history evidenced by its structures.  To say the lest, it was the perfect location for Brain and Patience’s engagement session. The two love birds from Uganda escaped to celebrate their love in Mombasa’s signature locations. The seascape of the Indian Ocean, the old rugged walls of Fort Jesus, and the laid back quaint streets of Mombasa provided a thrilling experience that will forever leave an imprint on the couple’s love story.

The expanse of beauty.

Summer love

The Camels thought it was a good idea to photo bomb and celebrate their love as well.

Never let go of the one you love.

We loved their playfulness

Looking fly and rad.

Hello Mombasa.

Oh how they flaunted their love on the streets of Mombasa!

Ugandan Mr and Mrs Smith