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Mark & Rachel

  • engagement
  • 2 years ago

Rachel met Mark when she was 12 years old. They used to attend the same church but never got past hello. One fortunate day, Rachel had to meet up with Mark’s brother but as luck would have it, she didn’t find him at home but instead found Mark. That meeting could later spark off their love journey.
“After high school, Mark officially came home and asked for my parents’ permission to start dating me.” Rachel recounts.
Fast forward, in 2013, Rachel travelled to US before Mark could propose. She returned back to Kenya in 2016 and Mark guessed that would be the perfect time to propose however he failed to find the perfect moment.
He didn’t want this chance to go by because Rachel was traveling back to the US so he took up the only opportunity he had left. “I proposed to her at the airport,” Mark reminisces with a grin. “She was so happy she screamed.”
Rachel says everything she prayed for is reflected in who Mark is as a kind, loving and intelligent man. On the other hand Mark adores Rachel’s smile and sense of style.
The two had an engagement photoshoot at Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya. It was beautiful and I will let the photos do the talking.
Watch their love story.

Rachel's dress made a fashion statement.

Because she is royalty.

We loved their playful personality.

Could this be the road that leads to love?