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ISO 142 - lens48mm - AP2.2 AWB

Paul & Daphne

  • engagement
  • 2 years ago

You could say a vigil is the most unconventional way of meeting the love of your life but that’s how Paul and Daphne met for the first time through a mutual friend.

After so many pleasantries sent through Paul’s best friend to Daphne, it came down to a bet that offset their relationship. The bet was for Paul to figure out where Daphne stayed. If he got the answer correct she was going to take him on a date. Daphne was sure he couldn’t crack it. Unknown to her Paul was so determined, he consulted a friend and boom, he got the answer correct.

They had an ice cream date at Cafesserie, the first date that led to so many. And eventually the surprise proposal at Holy Crepe, a place they both love. “I remember freezing and by the time I recollected my thoughts, Paul was on one knew, there were camera flashes in my face and everyone in the restaurant was chanting ,’Say yes! Say yes!”, Daphne recounts.

Paul and Daphne are bound by a love and friendship so strong it’s infectious. The young and sassy couple had the essence of their love story captured against the bustling waves of Itanda river in Jinja. They barely kept their hands off of each other allowing our cameras zoom in on the intimate romantic moments. Love is a beautiful thing and we are glad they found each other.

What a feeling to be loved!

Strong waves of love

The look of love

Together forever from dusk till dawn