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  • April 17, 2019

Wedding trends 2019

Wedding trends evolve year after year though its rare that a new trend replaces an old one. In fact we like to think that each year only adds to the already existing. That means you can pick and choose the wedding trends of the past that speak volumes to you while still infusing your event with of-the-moment touches.
Here are some of the trends that will blow your mind this year 2019!

1. Ball gowns

This is becoming most preferred by most brides lately. It was a major trend for 2018 but not going anywhere even this year. It gives a princess-inspired bridal look and you can never go wrong with it as it favours all body shapes. However you need to mind what you were underneath as it may ruin your beautiful attire. Make sure you feel comfortable and feel free to speak up your discomfort before your d-day.

2. Mermaid / Fit-N- flare changing dress

This is a great option for brides looking to show off their curves in a luxe and flirtatious way and it is easy to dance in.
Its a trend that has been on since 2018 but still paved it’s way into 2019.

3. Dark and Edgy color palettes

Decorators have got more adventurous with palettes by mixing colors that traditionally would not go together and this has added a lot of wonder to decor. Talk to your decorator to help you pull off this to make your function stand out.

4. Non traditional floral components

Expect to see plenty of unexpected flower add-ins like white maple leaf and the like replacing fresh blooms in the floral installations as these can elevate any element of the wedding.

5.Bringing the inside out

For couples that love out door weddings, you need to make it fabulous and it is important to make it feel as homey as possible with the decor. The major trend for outdoor events recently is using decor that will make people feel as though they are indoor

6 Cock tail bars
These are not yet so common but trust me they are a trend to spice up your function for 2019.
They give a cool and unique experience that your guests will never forget.

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How creative can this get? This bar set up is everything.

7 Artistic photo booths

These are part and parcel of a great atmosphere as its fun for guests of all ages and it will give your guests something to do when they need a break from the dance floor. Its also a great catch up for those who haven’t met in a while

8 After parties

You know your wedding can be so jammed full of activities like photo sessions, speeches,hugs,dancing, etc and before you know it the reception is done! Therefore, you shouldn’t let your wedding day end when the reception does. You need to keep your festivities going on and this is with an after party.
However, endeavor to plan for it ahead of the day so that you enjoy it stress free.
It can be at your favorite club,hotel bar of your wedding venue,pool side or any other place of your choice.

9 Robes

These dominated the wedding scene in 2018 but more and more brides are making them even better and stylish with different varieties ranging from unique plain colours to floral patterns for them to stand out in the new year.

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Behind every bride is a tribe of ladies cheering her on.