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Collins & Aline

  • wedding
  • 1 year ago

Exchanging vows with your loved one in the presence of family and friends could be one of the best things to experience in life.
Collins and Aline had a dream come true for them on 17.11.18 when they finally said “I do” in a beautiful ceremony that was filled with so many jolly moments. Aline couldn’t hold her smile as she walked down the aisle at All saints Cathedral hand in hand with her guardian to meet Collins, the love of her life.
The couple later treated their guests to an epic reception at Munyonyo common wealth resort.
It was such a lavish ceremony.

We are more grateful to the couple for going ahead to share with us their interesting love story as below:

“The Berlin Affair”

It all started with offering help……

Collins and Aline met at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.
Aline says ” i was one month old in Berlin and had searched for a bus stop for about 30 minutes in vain…..”
And Collins says ” i had travelled to Berlin for a conference and was crossing between my hotel room and Berlin conference centre when a young lady(Aline) with a charming smile approached me unexpectedly,introduced herself and sought a direction to a certain bus stop which i too didn’t know but offered to help finding it using my smart phone.”

After two months,they had their first date when Collins was again in Berlin on official duty.
Collins reveals that Aline had shared her phone number to call and schedule a date as soon as he was done with his work day.
He further narrates that “when i reached out as agreed her phone number was off which made me think she probably was not interested in the date but apart of me thought it was worth a further pursuit. Since i knew the location of her university, i decided to try my luck looking for her around the university campus and i found her quite easily in a group discussion.”
Aline reveals that their first date was relaxed at a small pizzeria and that they were not even dressed for a date.

And this is where their love story begins……

Collins reveals that ” it was mainly her humility and cheer that attracted him to Aline.” He added that he has known her to respect unconditionally and always have positive vibes. To Collins, Aline components him very well and there is a lot in her character that lacks in his this ironically makes her very attractive to him even though it gets him out of his comfort zone many-a-time.
For Aline,she reveals that ” i realised he was the one when he visited me for the first time in Berlin and got to pray and worship together that Sunday morning.” She continues that ” we did many other things together but i loved so much that we cooked together and always had constructive conversations about our career growth.”
Their chemistry continued to grow and this saw Collins propose on Aline’s 28th birthday at the shores of lake Kivu in Gisenyi a moment that was a pleasant surprise for her and marks the beginning of a happy thereafter with walking down the aisle on 17.11.18.
Collins reveals that “looking back retrospectively, that rather small decision to halt my schedule and offer help to Aline was the begging of our life long relationship.

From the Paramount team, Collins and Aline thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to cover your important moments.
As quoted from Prov:18:22,He who finds a wife finds happiness and obtains favour the the lord.
Please always remember that a family that prays together, stays together.

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