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Jonathan & Claire

  • wedding
  • 9 months ago

Jonathan and Claire held a spectacular wedding ceremony on 29.6.19 at Speke Resort Munyonyo. Their grand union depicts the influence of two diverse cultures and proves that no obstacle seems big enough to block their path. Their function was fun filled and the duo put on a show with their superb dance moves and lifted the spirit of their guests. Love indeed is a friendship that has caught fire and where there is love,there is life.

Clare narrates, “Early last year I was on Facebook chatting with a friend when I received a message with zoosk link (dating website). I didn’t think much of it but my friend encouraged me to join so I did. A week later I received a message from a tall handsome light skin gentleman.we chatted for two weeks and he later asked for my number claiming that it was hard to communicate online. I was hesitant but since he persisted I later gave him my contact.Through our conversations we realized our pastors were friends so Jonathan decided to visit my church. I lived in Alabama state at the moment and he lived in Georgia state which means he had to pay for a hotel if he wanted to come visit. Jonathan decided to pay for a hotel so he could come visit my church. On February 17th 2018 Jonathan drove to Alabama and he took me out on a date to watch a Chicago play. After the play he told me he liked me and he wanted us to date! We started dating and a few months later I graduated from Auburn university .I later got a job in Atlanta Georgia and moved to the same city as Jonathan which made our dating life easier. After a year of dating, Jonathan took me to the river side in auburn where we first met and he proposed to me. It was a very special and romantic way.he had my favorite wine and a picnic set out for me. He showed me a video of my family congratulating me and when I turned around he was on one knee asking me to marry him. I said yes and the rest was history. We later went out on a dinner date and after that we started planning our wedding”

Jonathan is a special man because he loves God but he also love me, my family and above all my culture. I love my roots and he hasn’t tried to change that”

Jonathan and Claire, may you both reside in each other’s hearts making it a abode for all the blissful happiness

The dinner date

The engagement moment