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Joseph & Jemimah’s love journey

  • wedding
  • 1 year ago

When two die- hard lovers decide to become one, no obstacle can ever block their path.
Jemima and Joseph are such a couple.

As narrated by Jemima ” Joseph and I met in 2007 at church and we became friends. In 2009 he asked me out on a date and since we had been friends for some time it was so easy for me to accept. In 2010 we started dating. In 2014, I travelled out of the country for greener pastures but we kept in touch and God saw us through this distance relationship. When I returned on vacation in 2018, Joseph proposed on 16.02.2018 to which I said yes and the rest is history…( she chuckles) ”

We started off Jemima and Joseph’s journey with their traditional ceremony (kwanjula) and then their wedding ceremony on 29/12/18 when they tied the knot at Uganda martyr’s Catholic shrine, Munyonyo.
Jemima was elegant, flawlessly dressed for her day and kept a glorious smile.
When Joseph saw her for the first time on that day, his eyes got bright and you could see the excitement written all over his face.
Their reception was set up in such a way that the decor was rustic, the lighting soft and subtle emitting an ambient glow giving the function such a romantic feel.

It was such an epic ceremony.
Jemima and Joseph, ” Let love and faithfulness never leave you……” Prov 3:3-4