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Marvin & Irene

  • wedding
  • 8 months ago

Some souls just instantly click.”
This is even true for Marvin and Irene. Having met in 2016 at Quality,Nalya where Irene was holding a promotion for red label and Stoney and Marvin is one of the managers of the place, Marvin approached her after the promotion and asked for her name and also had a little chat on how the promotion was going.
When they met again later, Marvin asked for her number and since he was the boss she gave it perhaps for work stuff.
Irene reveals that she was actually afraid to reply and kept her reply official with “sir”.
One thing led to another and a month later, Marvin confessed his feeling for Irene while at Heritage bar.
“I found it tricky and rejected since he was my boss and did not want to risk my job” Irene reveals.
But since nothing can prevent souls that are meant to meet,she later accepted in November,2016 and they got into a relationship.
“After two years of dating we decided that we could make a family and God has been so good to us, He has blessed us with a daughter called Heather” Marvin reveals.
In April, this year Marvin proposed to Irene which she accepted and they started preparations for their wedding and their future together.
To Irene, Marvin is a good listener,handsome,caring ,hard working ,humble,funny,adventurous and a wonderful father.
To Marvin, Irene is surrounded by good friends,organised,beautiful and a good cook.
We were blessed to witness the beginning of their forever in a bubbly wedding ceremony in which they walked down the aisle at All Saints Church, Lweza and later hosted their guests to a festive reception at Lake Victoria Resort,Kigo.

We are truly glad to be part of your big day. May your years ahead be filled with lasting joy.