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Michael & Arseme

  • wedding
  • 2 years ago

This was no ordinary Habesha wedding.

As a norm, weddings are a significant social event in the Eritrean society. Michael and Arseme converged over 1000 guests in what was a jubilant celebration of their love here in Kampala. The nuptials started off with a traditional church ceremony, a total musical and spiritual experience. The union was followed with a party full blast as everybody danced away to Eritrean tunes.

Then came the second day. We were dazzled by the beauty and finesse exuded by everyone. The couple came off simple and sophisticated looking all the more awesome. All in all, it was a classy event framed with joy, love and good vibes.

Enjoy their wedding video

The girls looking great in their traditional garb.

The newly wed glow


The guy squad stepping out

Habesha beauties

Doesn't she just take your breath away?

Let's dance the night away.