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Simon & Ritah

  • wedding
  • 1 year ago

Photographing Simon and Rita’s wedding ceremony was a dream come true for us in a fancy, lavish wedding ceremony. As usual our major goal was to show case the awesomeness of this couple’s relationship and their exquisite ceremony.

The day started out beautiful with the stillness of the morning, a cheerful wind and the birds chirping to welcome the morning were all a great sign of a great day ahead.
As the sun rose, we were also already on the road to Serena hotel Kampala which was the heart of most of the events, right from dressing up, car pickups, photo shoots and reception venue.
We found everything in place, the make up and hair stylists, dressing up and all other touch ups were all ready by the time the sun peeped through the curtains and we got onto the dream rides to Rubaga cathedral.
And before we knew it, the bells of the Cathedral were sounded for the long waited occasion to start.
Simon walked in smartly dressed in a fortune worth suit and as the saying goes “love is the most powerful emotion” excitement was written all over his face though kind of nervous waiting for his better half.
And Rita who was all smiles was walked down the aisle by her brother in a gown that was beyond gorgeous with accessories that complimented her look perfectly and from the look on her face you would see the joy of coming to meet her husband to be and ready to take on the title Mrs Duke.
The function was so emotional , Rita couldn’t hold her tears perhaps out of the joy,love and excitement that Simon was finally hers forever. True to the saying that “Good relationships don’t just happen but rather take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together”,such is that Simon and Rita who met way back in 2007 ( watch their love story here) got to walk down the aisle on 26.01.2019. Later their guests were hosted to a wowing reception.
Pink Coconut treated us to astonishing, great work for decoration that seemed like “something straight from a dream.” This was emphasized with other unique features like the gift box and an epic cocktail set up.
But guess what, with all this the party wasn’t over yet. We headed to a fascinating after party at the boulevard set by Fenon records in katonga hall all in one ceremony.
Indeed the possibilities of love are endless once we decide to act