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The wedding of Peter & Peace

  • wedding
  • 9 months ago

Love is the most powerful emotion.” This is even evident in the love story of Peter and Peace. Having met in December,2016 as strangers at a party where they shared a table,got to interact and exchanged numbers which became the turning point in their lives and saw their relationship grow from the Olive restaurant date in Boston, to the boat cruise proposal ahead of their “kwanjula” in 2018 and finally led to their forever as Mr&Mrs.
It’s such a great couple as the two are completely smitten with each other from the way they describe one another.
To Peter, Peace is  intelligent,God fearing,honest, hard working and loves his friends.
And to Peace, Peter is jolly,a very nice person,patient,hard-working, God fearing ,caring and with genuine love.

It’s no wonder the lovely duo tied the knot on 12.7.19  to celebrate their love in an epic and elegant ceremony graced by family and friends in which they gave a lot of attention to every detail right from their attires to the last bit of reception set up. They were dressed to kill,jolly and enjoyed themselves.
It was such a happy day and we are very grateful for the couple for making us  part of the journey right from introduction.
We wish you a happy ever after