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Young & Mindy. Kenya meets Uganda

  • wedding
  • 8 months ago

It was love at first sight!
As Young walked into a barber shop in Mutungo with his brother Oscar for a hair cut,they set eyes on a beautiful girl.
“Oscar told me to go and say hi but I told him I have this under control” Young reveals.
He further narrates that he went closer to her to have a chat but Mindy was dodging his sight and so figured out how to capture her eye contact by asking her to make his eye brows just like hers,of which it worked.
He then asked her out for lunch the following day to which she luckily agreed and also asked for her number since he had to contact her for them to catch up for the lunch.
The day came and as planned, they proceeded to cafe javas, Nakawa where they had their lunch and from then they continued to be in touch.
Mindy reveals that from that lunch she confirmed that Young was the right man as she found him God fearing, intelligent,fun, adorable and real.
She further reveals that 3 months later, Young asked her to be his wife which she found too soon and asked for sometime to which he agreed.
Young narrates about the visit in UK where he hosted Mindy in a bid to bridge the relationship gap. From both of them, it was fun filled and hold lots of memories for them including Young’s first surprise proposal.
Young reveals that Mindy is intelligent,religious, enterprising,attractive and beautiful and it’s no wonder that he made his final proposal when he came for holiday in the presence of family and friends at Skyz hotel in which he asked her to be his wife.
” I said Yes because he was a full package” Mindy reveals.

This amazing couple of all times exchanged vows at St.Francis Chapel, Makerere on July 27th,2019 and later hosted their guests to a warm dinner at Royal Suites Hotel in Bugolobi.

Congratulations friends and may all your plans and hopes come true as you go through this journey