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Ivan & Immaculate

  • wedding
  • 1 year ago

A tale of two souls

” The guy who will take me to this restaurant for a date is the one I will get married to…….”

And yes this came true for Immaculate as evident in their love story with Ivan.

The couple revealed that they met at Legends on a night out. ” Little did I know it was Ivan’s birthday ” Immaculate narrates.
A close friend to Ivan told us that ” It was a boys’ night out but as I talked to Ivan I noticed that his attention was behind me and I kept wondering what could have taken it which tempted me to look back. I then saw a lady(Immaculate) and realised she is the one who had taken the attention.”
Ivan narrates that he approached her and asked for a dance to which she luckily accepted and used the opportunity to give Immaculate his number as his phone had unfortunately blacked out.
” I reached out to him a week later and since then he used to call every day for about two hours…(chuckles)” Immaculate reveals.
One day he asked me out on a date at the Italian restaurant, Bugolobi. It was the restaurant I said that I would marry the guy who ever took me there for a date(chuckles)during a tour around the area when I had just moved to the hostel, I saw the the place and I really liked it. It was just behind my hostel and so just walked there.” Immaculate reveals

Ivan reveals that his proposal was such a surprise and it was during a traditional performance that he “did his magic”

Immaculate reveals that it was on her birthday 21.01 and she had waited to hear from him but all in vain and when she got to call him it was just a plain happy birthday. To her surprise later on that day he got to propose which was so exciting that she doesn’t even recall the exact words Ivan used to pop the question.

Day dreams really come true and its no wonder we witnessed the wedding of these lovebirds in an epic ceremony that manifested their love and life commitment to one another as in the photos below

Please always remember that “the best thing to hold onto is each other”….. Audrey Hepburn